A final bit of Boschiness…

Run Back Across The Border from the “Welcome to Bordertown” Special Edition Audiobook

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Music for the New Dark Ages (2004-2012)

Le Morte d’Bosch… 

A Katy Thomasberg Mix

katy-dsc_0563Tomorrow night October 28th 2016, there will be a concert in South Minneapolis celebrating the life and music of  the late Katy Thomasberg. Felonious Bosch and Vernon Dixon (among many others) will reunite to play her music again with guest vocalists. Here’s a 54-minute mix that could be called “Thee best of thee Bosch”:

  1. Deep Blue
  2. Baladi (live)
  3. Straight To Hell
  4. Ode To Billy Christ
  5. Opium
  6. Sunshine
  7. Better Days
  8. Tombstones
  9. F.L.T.
  10. Goliath
  11. Geek Wedding
  12. Love Buzz
  13. Phenomena

Violinist David Stenshoel has been curating a Katy video playlist on YouTube:

Katy Thomasberg RIP

Katy Thomasberg  passed away at 20 minutes after midnight Saturday, May 21st, 2016.

She passed at home, with her family by her side, after being diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

Katy has left us way too soon, but is survived by recordings of her powerful voice, and over 300 original songs.

You’ll find a memorial site to her on Facebook.

Welcome To Bordertown – Special Edition


And finally, the final bit of work from Thee Bosch to be released: the Welcome To Bordertown Special Edition” audio book, now available on preorder for delivery September 1st, 2013.

The series was created by Terri Windling and this new anthology was edited by Holly Black and Ellen Kushner.

Bordertown, a city on the border between our human world and the elfin realm. Where both magic and technology refuse to follow anyone’s rules. Where Elves play in rock bands and race down the street on spell-powered motorbikes. Where human kids recreate themselves in the squats and clubs and artists’ studios of Soho.

steve_portrait_by_ddb-300x300The major piece in this new edition is Steven Brust as lead vocalist backed by FnBosch on his poem “Run Back Across The Border,” with a melody written by Scott Nieman, and featuring multiple tracks of motorcycle-inspired baritone sax by Steve Clarke. We recorded this in early 2012 at dubNemo studios.

Drew Miller produced five additional tracks for this release (backing poems by authors such as Jane Yolen and Neil Gaiman) with contributions from David Stenshoel and Kari Tauring.

Le Morte d’Bosch

After 8 Boschy years playing music from the new dark ages, the band is coming to an end. You’ll see us as individuals continuing to play music around town in times to come, but thee Felonious Bosch (Renée, Steve, Nemo, Drew, David, Katy) is going on hiatus.

To end on a high note, we’re working to complete an album of our most recent recordings, under the title Phenomena. We’ll be putting the entire record up for streaming on SoundCloud as soon as mixes are finalized, and if we’re quick enough (!) it will be available for sale November 10th.

Our final performance will be at the Wild Tymes in Saint Paul on Saturday November 10th. We’ll play a full 70-minute set with drum kit.

Here’s a photo from last night’s concert at the Black Dog (courtesy Jon Strand):

FnBosch at the NE Folk Festival

Saturday July 28th – we play at 4pm alongside a slew of other talented folks. We’re still working on our setlist, but we’re planning a “Bosch Lite” way to play our songs, with baritone ukulele replacing Drew’s bass guitar.

City Pages commented:

“…unlike a lot of other assorted summer music fests, the hype is downplayed and the music is allowed to be the life of the party. This is a free event, which means if you were planning on mowing the lawn or doing something responsible on your Saturday off, you suddenly have a really good reason not to.”